Punisher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones… What is the future of the series Marvel without Netflix ?

Now that all the series Marvel available on Netflix have been canceled, what will happen ? Will they disappear from the surface of the Earth or will they be reborn from their ashes elsewhere ? One by one, in the space of a few months, the series Marvel Netflix have been cancelled : Luke Cage and Iron Fist first, which were not the most loved, and then Daredevil, Punisher and Jessica Jones, that the fans seemed to support. The origin of this slaughter : the money, of course. These series were costly to Netflix, Marvel made them pay a high price, and the views were, it seems, more to the level of investment that they represented. Because of the side of Marvel, it is stated that these cancellations are not their fault, but that of Netflix, who had the choice to renew, but has preferred to separate them. It should be said that Netflix has acquired in 2017 the catalog Millarworld in the idea of developing its own series and movies of super-heroes, decorrelated from Marvel, and it is from the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 we should see the arrival of the first projects from this alliance, including Jupiter”s Legacy, for which shooting is imminent, then American Jesus. A portion of the money saved by the discontinuation of the shows Marvel should therefore be allocated to those of Millarworld. In addition, in the future, Netflix wants to produce in-house a maximum of his series, without having to go to studios and third parties.

To a return of Daredevil & co on Disney+ ? It’s no secret by now that Disney will propose by the end of the year its own streaming platform, named Disney + until further notice, which will be offered in the catalogs, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Disney, of course, and Marvel. The question of whether they had the intention to continue the adventure Daredevil, Jessica Jones & co there, Kevin Mayer, the president of Disney+, a d √©clar√© in an interview with THR : “This is a series of very high quality. We haven’t talked about it but I would say that it is a possibility.” A yes or no, which it is necessary to make a few clarifications. First series in Marvel/Netflix does not correspond to the editorial line of the platform, which wants to be a family, the public at large; therefore, it would be difficult to make coexist the Punisher with other expected production, such as High School Musical, Loki, or The Mandalorian. This would be more realistic to see them land on Hulu, which will be up soon, mostly to Disney, and which should offer content that is more adult, absent of Disney+. For all that, is it possible ? Series Marvel for Netflix will remain on Netflix for years, no repatriation of seasons existing is not possible for the moment; Disney could not use any of the marks Daredevil & co before 2 years, which means that if new seasons were to be produced, they could not be in the immediate future. And it will be impossible for them to retain the talent in front of and behind the camera for a long period of time. Therefore, it is likely they will come back one day on the side of Disney+ or Hulu, but certainly in a new form, with new actors, and perhaps by delivering all of the counters to zero. It therefore resolve to say goodbye to this little