A Great Sun : what you can expect in the week from 18 to 22 march [SPOILERS]

Next week in “A Great Sun”… The Estrella become the target of threats after the involvement of the Capstan around the death of Audrey has been noised abroad. Cécile decides to tell the truth to Alain about his infidelities. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! The Estrella under the threat of Guilhem Guilhem Capstan is now in the sights of Manu, convinced that it hides things on the death of Audrey Delorme. To advance the investigation, Claire decides to seek official journal to publish an article against the lawyer in the local press. Determined to keep away the righteousness of its business, Guilhem puts pressure on Claire by bribing a woman to deliver a false testimony damning Mary. He also sends his right hand man blackmail of Victor in him offering to help her in her divorce proceedings ! Clare immediately her shenanigans and decides to confront him, but he refuses to talk. It doesn’t get more confessions of Elizabeth. The business woman feels betrayed by Guilhem, but is afraid of compromise, admitting their relationship to Claire. Pushing his research, Manu finds a link unexpected between Audrey and the lawyer : they were lovers… This survey stormy does not prevent Mary from moving closer to Alain and to take full advantage of this relationship to birth. The two of them understand because they come through a difficult period in their relationship, after infidelity of Victor and Cecilia. Indeed, encouraged by Adele, she confesses to her husband having extra-marital during their therapy session. For Alain, this confession sign the end of their marriage. Mb between war legal against his attacker, Thanks to the unwavering support of Eve, Mb, contact a lawyer working in an association specialized in the right of women. She accompanies him in his filing of a complaint and promised him to bring the case to the assizes court. In high school Scotto, while the local radio station done a story on the stage for the equality of men and women organized by Jérôme Lorin, Ines made a scandal and accuses Lorin to be a rapist. All the students support the version of their teacher, and a video showing the reaction of Inès is broadcast on social networks, which puts Lorin out of it. He denies that his reputation of politics is tainted by this matter and tries to put pressure on Mo… Lucille and Arthur were struggling to get what they want, Lucille, meanwhile, can no longer stand the hostility of the housemates against her. In addition, the name of moroccan origins poses a problem to some owners and complicates its research of studio. Discouraged, she asks Ludovic to host it for a few days. But he regretted immediately her choice : between the fact that she monopolizes his bed, playing video games at two in the morning and joints, Ludovic does not sleep ! He asked Lucille to leave. Penaude, the girl understands that her behavior is a problem. Arthur is more and more worried at the idea of still not having a girlfriend. During the course of the French, Antonin pointed out to her that Leah looks at him, and encourages him to propose to revise with her. When Leah asked him to come work for him after the lesson, Arthur must be dreaming. But alas, his classmate seems to be more interest in the zoo where his mother worked to make a photo project by him… A Great Sun : the trailer of the episodes from 11 to 15 march 2019

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