Teaser Arthur’s Law : an avalanche disaster in march for the unfortunate Arthur

WarnerTV will present its new series, that it will be launching in march next year on its antenna. Comedy to black humour, “Arthur’s Law” is inspired – as its name indicates – of the principle of Murphy’s law. A concept that looks promising ! Welcome to the daily depressing Arthur Ahnepol ! Jan Josef Liefers lends her features to this unemployed person is unhappy in the household, who, to escape his sad fate, gets into his head to dismiss his insufferable wife, Martha (Martina Gedeck). And so accomplish his dream to take advantage of the insurance money to make a new start. Only, plans have a nasty tendency to not go as hoped. Worse, Murphy’s law invites and aggravates the situation. Disastrous events will link to the chagrin of the poor man, with – a starting point – a severed hand in the hope of hitting a good insurance premium. The beginning of the trouble insured… Series German 6 x 60 minutes produced by TNT comedy (Turner), Arthur’s Law is written by Benjamin Gutsche and directed by Christian Zübert. Aired during the last summer in our German neighbors, the episodes of the series were revealed in an exclusive premiere in France during the first edition of lille, Series Mania in may 2018. The team had even made the trip to present the series to the festival-goers. The accumulation of twists, turns, and dead unusual should be fun for fans of the genre. The concept has also well-liked in the U.s., which bought the rights to the series in the perspective of developing an adaptation. In the meantime, the original version will be released in france on WarnerTV, beginning Sunday, march 3, next from 20h55.

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