The Walking Dead : what can you expect from tv movies centered on Rick Grimes ?

Filming shortly, for delivery to the likely end of the year, the television drama “The Walking Dead” centered on Rick Grimes will explore the adventures in solo of the sheriff played by Andrew Lincoln. AMC Then that fans of The Walking Dead had resigned last November to make their farewells to Rick Grimes, what was their surprise to learn that eventually the character was not dead, as saved in extremis from death by a mysterious helicopter (read our dedicated article), and that it would soon be the hero of a trilogy of tv films, filming current 2019 for dissemination likely as early as the end of the year. Questioned by our colleagues from Entertainment Weekly , the actor Andrew Lincoln has delivered a few details on these films, without, however, revealing too on their content. Has its claims, these films would take the form and tone of a western twilight, the image of the masterpiece Ruthless, who saw Clint Eastwood (also the film’s director) to embody a hired killer aging back to business to avenge a prostitute disfigured. “I am very excited by this project. From a creative point of view, it is a scary idea, and this for many reasons, but in any case the idea I was immediately seduced. The story we want to tell you about is close to that of Ruthless. Remember the beginning of the film : Eastwood lives on a farm with pigs, and he falls in the mud. And then he ran after the pigs, we said ” Wait a minute, this is a killer, the more bad-ass that is, and it is covered in feces. “We know this, because it is Clint Eastwood and that we have seen of his previous westerns. It is a starting point for a story that I thought it would be interesting to develop”-he notably explained to our colleagues. Everything suggests, then, that the Rick Grimes that we will see in these tv movies will not be exactly that of the tv series, as much as six years have passed in the storyline since his departure. In what ways has it changed ? He found his place in the mysterious community that saved her life ? Or, is it past the dark side as envisioned by some theories of the fans ? Here are some of the questions that will be addressed by these films, expected soon, on the cable channel AMC in the United States !

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